Dive Trip Indonesia

Dive trips to the most beautiful dive spots in Indonesia

A dive trip Indonesia oranized by Klaus Orlik is always something special. He worked for the UN in Indonesia in 1987. Through his frequent visits to the remotest areas of Indonesia he became an excellent connoisseur of the country. He has also led many  groups to to dive trips toIndonesia. A nation of over seventeen thousand islands. And perhaps home of the most demanding dive destinations in the world.

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Dive trip Indonesia – Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is located far to the east of Indonesia. It is considered one of the most beautiful dive destinations worldwide. And perhaps as the most densely populated underwater area in Asia. Nowhere else are so many species registered. And new ones are discovered every day. Because of the remoteness and the long journey the area is not overcrowded. Most of the islands and islets are uninhabited or minimally populated. There are unique landscapes here. Like the Mushroom Islands, for example.They are a maze of steep rising limestone rocks and islands. read more

Dive trip Indonesia – Bali

Balis most beautiful dive sites are locatet in the northeast. Underwater highlights include the world-famous wreck of Tulamben, Gilli Salang with its beautiful coral population and guaranteed sharks, the Japanese wreck, Jameluk Pyramid – an artificial reef that offers many surprises and a myriad of dive sites along the coast. But in Bali you can not only dive beautifully. Bali also offers a lot above water. A dreamlike landscape. Wonderful beaches, who is considering a dive trip Indonesia should…… read more

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Dive trip Indonesia – Komodo

Komodo is a national park in Indonesia. It was founded in the 1980s to protect the huge Komodo dragons. In the meantime it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Komodo and Rinca are the largest islands of the park. But there are about 80 smaller ones. These are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Large fish such as sharks, mantas, large rays, groupers and napoleons can often be seen at the countless dive sites in Komodo. Who is considering a dive trip Indonesia should seriously think about Komodo. read more

Dive trip Indonesia – Maumere

Maumere in the north of Flores Island offers almost untouched dive sites. With lots of large and schooling fish, rare animals, turtles, jackfish, sharks, mobulas and mantas. And lovers of bizarre sea creatures will find many worthwhile objects here. There are huge reefs with very beautiful corals, endless cliffs, caves and overhangs, gentle slopes and sometimes bizarre underwater landscapes. During the dive trip Indonesia Maumere has fallen into oblivion. Completely wrong as ….. read more

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Dive trip Phukiet

Phuket was one of the first dive destinations in Thailand and offers top class dive sites. On this beautiful island Klaus Orlik opened his first dive center in 1972. He leads it himself and is on board the Poseidon every day. For beautiful Dives without hectic and pack diving he takes care. And also for a pleasant stay on board. Poseidon organizes daily dive trips as well as dive safaris lasting several days. As well as hotel rooms, bungalows and whole Travel including flights. To consider Phuket as a destination for a dive trip is certainly a good….

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