Indonesia Travel Information

Weather, Exchange rates, Hospitals, Police, Embassy, visa

Emergency phones in Indonesia

Police 110
Fire Brigade 113
Emergency doctor/ ambulance 118 and 119
British Embassy in Jakarta 021 2356 5200
Indonesia code of U +62

Visa for Indonesia: British citizens receive a visa valid for 28 days upon entry into Indonesia. For a longer stay you have to get a visa in your home country beforehand. Important: The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry. And a confirmed return flight ticket must be available.
The Indonesia information says there are no vaccinations required for direct entry from Europe.
The time difference between Indonesia and Central Europe is between 5 hours in summer and 6 hours in winter.
Clothing in Indonesia: The climate is tropical. Light summer and casual clothing is best for a stay in Thailand. Think for temple visits of shoulder and knee covering clothing
Medical care in Indonesia: In the large tourist centres there are hospitals and doctor’s surgeries with good service. However, the standard usually does not reach the European level. The further away you are from the cities, the more rudimentary the medical care becomes-
Pharmacies in Indonesia can be found everywhere And in every pharmacy there are the usual medicines as you are used to in Europe. If you need special medicine bring it with you.
Money: The Indonesian currency is the rupee. Exchange rate: 1 Euro = approx. 17,000 Rupees (as of July 2018)
Be careful when changing money in Indonesia – there are many scammers in the exchange offices and they have new tricks every time! In principle, ALWAYS count money when you change it.
Electricity in Indonesia 220 V alternating current – as in Europe, Euro plugs fit.
If you carry many chargers with you, you should have a multiple socket in your luggage.

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Warning: The possession of narcotics, even the smallest amounts, is strictly prohibited according to Indonesia information. He is punished with high prison sentences. And Indonesian prisons are not a pleasant place to stay!

General Indonesia Information

  • Language: Bahasa Indonesia, in tourist areas you can communicate well in English
  • Capital of Indonesia: Jakarta on the island of Java
  • Indonesian national currency Rupia
  • Allowed import: 1 litre of alcohol, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars
  • Weapons and explosives are prohibited, cash worth over 100 million rupees must be declared. Pornography, drugs, Chinese medicine, fresh food, DVD´s and videos are also forbidden
  • The export of cultural objects is prohibited in Indonesia and will be severely punished.

The country Indonesia

  • The largest island nation in the world consists of over 17,000 Islands
  • Religon: predominantly Muslim, Bali Hindu, but there are also Christian, Buddhist and Confucian communities
  • The population of population is about 250 million inhabitants. Divided into over 30 ethnic groups
  • Flight time London – Jakarta approx. 15 hours
  • Voltage in the whole country 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Climate in Indonesia tropical humid. Large differences from province to province

These notes and Indonesia information are without guarantee. Inform yourself exactly before an Indonesia trip in order to avoid problems. And remember: You are a guest in Indonesia and should behave like one!

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