Dive Trip Raja Ampat – Indonesia

Diving in raja ampat – in the heart of the coral triangle

the diving trip raja ampat takes you to a small island where there are no paved roads, no shops, no disco and no motorized vehicles. But there you will find peace, relaxation and wonderful dive sites.
schoal of mackerels during dive trip to raja ampat
Dive trip to Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat is locatet in the east of Indonesia. The density of life, the diversity of species and the virginity of the underwater world there are unique. New species are discovered there almost daily. Hard, horn and soft corals in endless variety decorate the reefs, steep walls or flat bottoms. The number of dive sites in Raja Ampat is unmanageable and you can jump into the water at any of the islands to make an unforgettable dive. Large fish lovers as well as macro fans will get their money’s worth in Diver’s Paradise Raja Ampat.

On your dive trip to Raja Ampat

the density of life under and over water will surprise you. The biodiversity and the virginity of this area are unique. New species are discovered there almost daily. During the dive trips of the last years we had almost every second dive encounters with the bizarre Wobbegong sharks. Also the endemic living “Walking Shark” and other sharks we often got to see. Mantas so close that they didn’t fit on the image, turtles partly so tame that they swam into the lens of the camera, enormous herds of buffalo head parrotfish and much more is common in Raja Ampat.

baracudas and divers at dive trip raja ampat
wobbegang shark at raja ampat

Diving in Raja Ampat

you will encounter shoals and individual specimens of large barracudas, giant perches, and huge clouds of spiny mackerels – so densely packed that the ground below darkens. The divers had hardly any time to pay attention to all the little photographic delicacies. The waters of Raja Ampat have the highest density of sea life in Indonesia. Almost daily new species of fish, crustaceans of lower animals and hard and soft corals are discovered there. Most of the dive sites can be reached quickly by boat.And there is also a very nice house reef at our resort. There we can jump in for a dive when ever we want.

Accommodation during dive trip Raja Ampat

Our resort is located directly on the beach of a small island. The bungalows stand on stilts in shallow water. And behind begins the jungle. There are no roads, no mopeds, no disco. But a dreamlike landscape. The dive resort adorns itself with the often abused attribute “ECO”. This time, quite rightly. The accommodation for divers is built of wood, bamboo and natural materials. Generous and very comfortable. For showering you have warm water in a powerful jet European hotel and dive management. The local staff is friendly and makes your stay pleasant and comfortable.

manta ray at raja ampat
öand excursion on dive trip raja ampat

Land excursionsons your dive trip Raja Ampat

Excursions into the surrounding jungle are offered. Or to the so-called Hidden Bay where you can go into the mangroves or watch Hornbill birds and parrots. This bay is a maze of canals and small lakes that are all connected. Another tour leads to the so-called FAM Island with an unusually beautiful landscape. Or the Batanta Tour to a 60m high and 25m wide waterfall, many butterflies and birds. On request also a visit to a local village and walks. These tours are very individual.

resort at dive trip raja ampat

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